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How is Work for a Creative in a Corporate Setting?

August 25, 2019

When a creative person goes to work, people around them wonder how things are for them. Some think that the environment feels the same just as going to work in the corporate world. They think that they will still feel energetic to do their art after their day job. A lot of people out there live a double life. By day, they work in an office and at night, they create. But, how is work for a creative in a…

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Go Back to Creating with these 5 Prompts

Oh to never run out of inspiration to create whenever and wherever. But let’s face it, we all run out of creative fuel every once in a while. The reason behind this can be simple exhaustion of the said fuel because we need it…

August 7, 2019
take a break

Why Should a Creative Take a Break Too?

Creative experience a block that makes them take a break all of a sudden. When you take a break, everything resets. You recharge. Here's why you should too.…

June 10, 2019

Really Fun Things you can do in Microsoft Excel

Excel may not seem like fun to most people. In fact, it may seem like a chore. When you know how to use it however, you’ll quickly see that Excel is one of the most versatile programs out there. It is amazing to see…

April 5, 2019
Beat the Hiatus with these Creative Prompts

Beat the Hiatus with these Creative Prompts

When you encounter a creative block, it hinders you from being the best version of yourself. Let alone, create your best artworks. Going on a hiatus recharges every creative person from every obstacle they feel right now.…

March 6, 2019

Get Creative with These Prompts

There are times that we feel stuck at some point or experiencing a creative block. People do various things in order to jumpstart and move away from that block. But, how do people get over it? Some do it through creative prompts!…

December 25, 2018

Featured Artist of the Month XXIV

We missed last month’s featured artist. Now, we’re introducing another artist who hails from Albay just most of us. Here’s Karl Vasquez!…

August 6, 2018

Featured Artist of the Month XXIII

  This day and age, crafters from different walks of life. Some are kids, teens, or even mothers. For the month of June, we reminisce about our Independence and some other holidays. Now, we salute to a mother crafter who has been creating non-toxic…

June 18, 2018