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Featured Artist of the Month XX

March 8, 2018

Another month means another featured artist on the blog! Women’s month has just started and everyone’s thinking of ways how to celebrate it. It is also a wonder since it’s fire prevention month which means safety is also a priority. This month’s featured artist hails from Bicol and she’s a wonderful and very talented illustrator. She’s none other than Ysha Morco.…

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Featured Artist of the Month XVII

This month’s featured artist is a digital artist and a photographer. She’s also from the land of Bicolandia and she’s Siena Quides. Let’s get to know her!…

December 15, 2017

Featured Artist of the Month XIV

This month’s FAM also celebrated his birthday this month. He’s a high school friend and very talented artist. He’s none other than Greg Raposon.…

September 9, 2017